Optimise your operational performance

Optimise your operational performance

Optimise your operational performance

Businesses frequently concentrate on day-to-day activities, striving to meet demands upon the system and to satisfy their customer.  Because of this determined focus, they often fail to allocate time to adopt systems to optimise performance, capitalise on synergies and develop processes, which, in turn, will enable short, and long-term business plans to be achieved.

At OPS we have a wealth of experience (over 1,000 years combined) in taking a holistic look at business performance:

  • Developing new ways of working
  • Provide a catalyst in driving the right results in
    business planning 

Some of our supply chain clients are reducing warehouse stock by installing new management systems, or redesigning warehouse layouts to improve pick performance, or developing procedures to ensure a co-ordinated approach between sales and operations:

  • Each strategy resulting in considerable savings in
    financial terms

When OPS make changes to processes and procedures, we take time to ensure our knowledge is imparted directly to the staff doing the work through a series of training sessions.  This tried and tested approach minimises risk and ensures a ready buy-in.

All projects, regardless of scope, are managed through the OPS Programme Office with director level engagement, and a robust check and balance system to ensure the project is being managed to the agreed specifications.

Within a warehouse we can generate improvement in your processes with good planning and design methods. These include stock levels, layout, picking, returns, automation and management systems.

An OPS audit can identify operational improvements in many areas, generating:

  • Improved pick rates
  • Reduced stock holding
  • Less waste (plus much more)

Optimise your performance

Enhance your customer experience

Reduce your costs