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OPS has a number of reports and white papers produced each year either directly or through partnership opportunities.

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OPS have produced a White Paper on e-commerce, showing the history and the relevance it has today. This document takes you through the history, presents a complete set of relevant data points, which some will find astonishing, and highlights the various opportunities and challenges, which face businesses today if they utilise and or engage in the e-commerce arena. If they don't, then it will show them what they are missing out on.

E-commerce - A New Challenge and Opportunity

OPS have generated a White Paper providing insight into the benefits of outsourcing and what you should do and look out for in selecting what functions to outsource as well as how to select and work with a service provider.




Outsourcing white paper

Welcome to our seventh newsletter, which I hope will educate, entertain and inform. Please download your free copy.

In this issue of the OPS Newsletter, we cover:

  • Our visit onboard the RFA Argus.  This ship and crew engage in some incredible work.
  • Debt Management – A not to be missed article, which could save your company much needed finance.
  • Foodex 2012 – OPS are back, providing a free Advice Clinic, delivering recession busting techniques to some 18k delegates. 


OPS News 7

Welcome to our sixth newsletter, which I hope will educate, entertain and inform. Please download your free copy.

This latest issue has generated some MUST READ articles:

  • Great Crash forecasted for Next Year – Is you company prepared to survive?
  • How to save 75% on telecoms and tracking – No longer held to ransom by the suppliers
  • TOP SECRET – Royal Navy Logistics – You thought you job had pressure.

Newsletter issue 6

Free Warehousing White Paper
The future of logistics, supply chain and the distribution centre as we know it, is going to change and change radically, and this change is likely to happen within a very short timeframe, to reflect the need of the changing manufacturing and retailing processes, and  the ever changing markets they are supplying.
Download your copy of 'The future of a core logistics function' by Richard Fernley FCILT

White Paper

Welcome to our fifth newsletter, which I hope will educate and inform. Half the year has already past, which is hard to believe.  2011 got off to a racing start and it really has not slowed down.

With the Free Advice Surgery at the Food & Drink Logistics Show, we not only provided valuable advice to the problems presented, but we made a number of new friends. We have had the privilege of working with clients from various industries, including Cotswold Fayre, Connect +, H&B Foods, iRed Partnership, All Star Logistics and Fuller Smith & Turner. We have also developed and launched our new web site, which enables the customer to quickly see the value they could gain by working with OPS. In this issue also read about how you can reduce costs with your communications and read the case study where one client saved 40%.

OPS Newletter 5

Please find our latest edition of the OPS Logistics Consultancy Ltd Newsletter which has articles on the Royal Mail Privatisation – Disaster or Solution? and  looking at if you are paying too much for your parcel....
On behalf of us all here at OPS Head Office may I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

OPS Newsletter

Environmental responsibility, as well as awareness, is becoming a higher priority within business, as customers begin to expect their suppliers to act socially responsibly.  Unfortunately, most businesses only scratch the surface in their endeavours to become more environmentally conscious, such as, turning off lights and other power devices, recycling paper or ink cartridges, etc, etc.   Very few give consideration to the supply chain and the environmental benefits and cost savings, which can be generated through the installation and management of proper practices.  One area in particular is Reverse Logistics.  To enable businesses to understand and begin to manage this area, OPS Logistics Consultancy (OPS) have put together a FREE White Paper.

Reverse Logistics

Can businesses expect to see an increase in sales / revenue, in Christmas 2010, followed by a marked down-turn in 2011 as customers become more critical on where, why and on what they spend their available cash on? If so, what can businesses do to safeguard their margins? These are the questions this paper will seek to address.

FREE White Paper

The main aspect of the Logistics Strategy Survey, is to assess and map the mood, health and intentions of the logistics industry.

The research and analysis was conducted by Redshift Research Ltd.  They gathered information from over 230 participants, across various industries, such as Government, Life Sciences, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.   The research is made more credible as 56% of respondents were Board members or Directors and the remaining 44% from operational management.

The report shows a cautious but optimistic outlook.  Costs are still the major concern, but focus is changing on improving customer service and seeking alternative markets / revenue streams.  71% of responses suggests that businesses believe they will not return to pre-recession levels of profitability for another 1 – 5 years.

OPS recently supported the 2010 Logistics Strategy Survey and would now like to share its key findings.

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